11 June, 2014

It's Only A Change of Time

It's such a strange concept, when you really think about it.
It seems to exist on two liquid planes; polar opposites.
Long moments tick by, honey-slow, sixty seconds seemingly stretching themselves to fill in the space of an hour.
Or, the minutes seem to flow past lightning quick, as if moved by a current, the second hand spinning like a child's top gone out of control.
We humans, too often not content to simply exist in the moment,
view time through a haze of "the grass is always greener":
silently willing those slower moments to get on with it,
places to go, things to do,
thumb twiddling not among them;
desperately clinging to the wings of the moments that fly,
begging, pleading for it all to just slow down,
even if just briefly.
But time isn't the one at fault.
Time is a constant.
Non-changing; solid and true.
It's us.
Always so busy, rarely remaining idle.
It's the world we live in.
The constant hub of life spinning around us, like that out of control top.
Pulling at us,
on the outside feeling the drag, those moments seeming to stand still.
From the inside we are pushed,
everything rushing past too quick, a whiplash of time speeding by.
{Clocks by Bee Vintage Redux. That's me.
 Made from repurposed vintage china plates and wallpaper.
They will be debuting for sale at Clover Market in Ardmore, PA, next Sunday, June 22.}
 To freeze time is a lovely idea.
Hold on to a single perfect moment for as long as possible.
But that's what our memories are for.
Infinite space within our brains to keep hold of those perfect moments.
As for time, well, maybe we should just try to accept, enjoy those moments for what they are:
Live within them.
You'll be a much richer person for the experience.

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