06 October, 2011

Smelling The Roses

Something happened yesterday...I had this post in mind, half composed, mentally, in the shower (I do my best thinking in there, and wind up writing half of what you read while I condition my hair!). But something happened....
It was a lovely day. The sky was clear and blue, with a shining sun warming up the afternoon. The autumnal chill has yet to dip down low enough to shake the leaves and grass from where they've been growing since spring. The world looked fresh and alive and bright and shiny. It was all so...pretty.
Pretty enough to make all of the little mundane things that make up a day, like doing laundry, or going to the post office, down right enjoyable. And that's what happened. I got all caught up in enjoying the beauty of the day. I soaked up the fleeting last warm and summery rays of the sun while hanging laundry and walking to the store. I found a bit of beauty in the mundane, in the every day.
And since I can't bottle up a perfect day and share that with you, I figured it was a really good time to share a couple of artists who also find beauty in the everyday. Two immensely talented people who use as their medium simple objects we all have rolling around in junk drawers or sitting in broken coffee cups. Two people with the amazing talent of being able to transform the everyday, and share it with us in a new light. Enjoy.

Carved Pencils by Dalton Ghetty

Chinese Zodiac Carved Out Of Crayola Crayons. By Diem Chau

Have an extraordinary day, Lovelies!


Colores said...

ohh beautiful words you posted today!!! YOu are right we should enjoy the outside beautiful days!!! and your selection of artistical pics perfect to your sunny beautiful day!!!

Anonymous said...

i love dalton ghetty. his work is amazing. i hadn't heard of diem chau, but his work is equally impressive :) thanks for sharing

Elizabeth said...

What a glorious day it was! Thanks for the lovely word and display of talent.

opian said...

I've seen the work from Dalton Ghetty two weeks ago ! It's amazing how you can work on someting so small !