31 October, 2011

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

{That's me. Wonder Woman. 1981.}

Trick or Treat, My Sweets.
As the song goes, this is Halloween.
And I need to tell you something about that-
it's not my favorite day of the year.
I mean, in theory, I think it's pretty fantastic: the black cats, the candy, the old school plastic pumpkin trick or treat buckets.
But in practice, it's just not my thing.
I really don't like wearing costumes. What's more, I'm terrified, absolutely terrified of other people wearing costumes. And not just on Halloween- team mascots, creepy mall Easter Bunnies, the dancing banana on the boardwalk- I steer clear of them all. But Halloween is filled with folks, young and old, in wigs and masks and full face make up. It escalates the fear to stratospheric levels.
And if you throw a clown in my direction, well, forget it. I really can't be held responsible for what might happen.
Fortunately, around these parts, trick or treaters are a rarity, and tend to be tiny princesses and firemen (not so scary), or high school students dressed as, well, high school students. But with pillow cases and an expectation for candy.
So I will rise above, answer their knocks at the door, and throw some candy in what I hope is their general direction. Or better yet- I'll let someone else do it ;)
Hope your week is filled with more treats than tricks.

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