13 October, 2011

Collections and Curiosities

There are days when I walk down into my little work space, sit down at my table, and...nada. I am just plum out of inspiration. It is on these days that I am most likely to pull out all of my supplies, gather them into curious and sparkly little piles, and set about reorganizing them. There are neat little piles of flowers in white and blue and pink. Rows of headpins and eyepins and clasps of all sorts.
Sometimes, just this simple act of rifling and sorting sparks ideas, and the piles quickly get moved aside into little groupings of "things to make". Other times, well, at least everything gets organized and neatly put away. Either way, I get to walk away from my space with a feeling of accomplishment, even if it's a small one.
French artist Jean Sonnet is also a maker of curious and lovely piles. From his studio in France, he gathers like-minded items, putting them on permanent and neat-as-a-pin displays inside shallow wooden drawers.

{All images by Jean Sonnet, found here}

Hope your week has been passing in an orderly fashion.


Kristin H said...

Not any orderly fashion here... I really have something to learn from Jean Sonnet.
Have a lovely evening!

Petra said...

love it! I'm naturally rather messy, but strangly enough I love organizing and sorting things...

Nancy said...

Wow, what a lovely artist! The organizing section of my brain is screaming with delight!

Erin Lian said...

I can see why that is ever so satisfying :) Looks adorable too :)