07 October, 2011

Happy Weekend


My Dear Readers...the weekend is almost here.
 And this is one weekend I have been looking forward to for a long time coming. Why? Well, you see that lady up there, in the picture? The one sitting there, with her book, all wrapped up on some long ago beach?
Well, I plan on emulating her over the next couple of days. On a much more modern day beach, of course. But a beach cooled by autumn, none the less. Just me, my book, my bright pink chair, and my snuggie. One pocket for my iPod, and one pocket for my flask. And sleeves for easy page turning.
It's just for a couple of days, but what a blissful couple of days they shall be.
See you in a few.


the real mia said...

Sounds like heaven. I just started to reread one of my favorite books yesterday and I would love nothing more than to just pour over the pages for hours and hours this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!!!

Erin Lian said...

Sounds just wonderful :) have lovely time :) <3