21 January, 2013

Metal Baby

I have spent the better part of this brand new year completely immersed in jewelry.
Turning old brooches into floral garden bib necklaces, the bigger the better.
Turning slightly smaller flower collages into corsage-like cuff bracelets.
Re-imagining old clip-on earrings, marrying them with natural stones to give them a more modern nod.
And just about anything not nailed down is now a cocktail ring; enough for every finger.
Rebuilding my collection; so much of what had been there found its way under the Christmas trees and stuffed in the stockings of lucky ladies all over Philadelphia and beyond.
The necessity for this rebuilding at such a fast and furious rate is the upcoming
 Clover Market Winter Market, which promises to be big.
And it's that promise that has me spending equal amounts of time staring into space in an uninspired panic.
 During those times of panic, I often find myself wasting hours online, clicking and searching and hoping to find that missing bit of inspiration.
And every now and then, I stumble upon something that grabs me and shakes me and makes me say wow.
Like these uh-mazing pieces by Taiwanese designer Heng Lee.
Combining metal pieces that look almost pixilated with embroidery inspired by traditional Chinese design, Lee's strange bedfellows make for the perfect marriage of modern vs. ancient, soft vs. hard.
And they are completely inspired.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...these are fabulous! Great new collection & inspiration!