26 February, 2013

Quiet is the New Loud

The world is a noisy place.
Traffic. Construction. Crowds. Other people's cell phone conversations. Horns. Bells. Whistles.
It can be hard to shut that out; even if it is managed, there's still the noise within to contend with.
All of the thoughts, the plans, the ideas.
The never ending list running through your mind of all the things that need to be done, the things that have already been done: were they done well enough? Could they have been done better?
Searching through all of the memories, facts, useless information stored in the deepest recesses of your brain, trying in vain to find the punch line to the joke you were in the middle of telling.
The fragment of song that has been stuck on repeat for your ears only.
Not to mention the distractions.
Finding a moment of stillness, of quiet and peace, is fleeting at best.
But that fleeting moment is just what Mexican photographer Miguel Morales (Oidos Sordos) manages to capture in his beautiful, double-exposed portraits.
Superimposing nature scenes, cityscapes, and sunsets over top of human profiles, Morales creates images of internal stillness and reflection.


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