07 January, 2013


I have had a thing for vintage knick knackery for as long as I can remember.
The number of things I collect is vast, but I try, try, to keep the actual collections in check.
And by in check, I mean finding a dual purpose for a pretty tchotchke wherever possible: flower festooned tea and biscuit tins hold batteries and spare buttons; a couple of the well-coiffed ladies from my head vase collection pull double duty as bookends.
I blame my grandmother for this particular obsession. She got the whole ball rolling on my first birthday when she gave me my very first Josef Originals Birthday Fairy, a tradition she continued for more than a decade. My little fairies are still proudly displayed to this day.
So it's no wonder that I fell head over heels for these kooky little lovelies from Amanda Smith.
Part girl, part bird, and completely awesome, Smith's Singing Bird Sculptures are made using out of production mid-century molds.
Her spot-on eye for color adds the perfect retro touch to these sweetly left of center figurines.
I want one. Or three.
Really, you can never collect too many things if they're completely wonderful...right?
{all images via Amanda Smith; available here}

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