16 February, 2012


I found myself watching Summertime the other night for the umpteenth time.
It never gets old.

It's one of those rare movies that gets everything right.
All of the breathless, gasping wonder that is Venice
The sights, the sounds, the magical light that shines over Italy.
(If you've ever been there, you know the light of which I speak.)

The still shots, lingering on every statue, bell tower, and facade you yourself would stop to photograph. The movie camera panning down the city's shadowed, twisting, turning alleyways before coming upon some majestic Venetian view, glistening in the sun.

And Katharine Hepburn is perfect, absolutely perfect, as an American seeing the magic that is Venice for the first time.
Walking around in wide-eyed, smiling wonder, camera in hand, breathing in every last bit of dolce vita.

I want to go back.
But this will hold me over...for now.

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Aly Casey said...

She's wonderful, isn't she? I enjoy her movies.