29 February, 2012

Ace In The Hole

{attractive donut picture from here, via here}
The distinct lack of winter in these parts has left me feeling not very much like baking.
Which is a major bummer. I like winter, and I like hunkering down with the mixer in my triple layer sweats.
That's not to say that the downright spring-like temperatures aren't without benefits: drawers have been emptied (and vacuumed, because I'm crazy like that), clothes washed, line-dried, and folded. Closets have been emptied of contents, scrubbed clean, and then refilled in a slightly more organized manner. The first of most likely many donation pick-ups is scheduled for tomorrow.
There is a definite air of spring cleaning about the place.
But...something's not quite right.
So, last week, buoyed by the lack of a kitchen and too much Pinterest goodness, I tempted the fates and decided to make these donuts.
Mind you, I have never made donuts before. I had to go out to buy a donut pan (which is a tricky little bugger to come by in a land where chain donuteries rule). It was for mini donuts. I had to figure out how to fill it. And I had to do it all in bare-walled space that is only narrowly passing for a kitchen. Quite a delicate high-wire act, I tell you.
But figure it out I did. And, sure, my little mini donuts looked more like tiny cupcakes with holes in the middle than actual donuts. And so what if my glaze didn't dry the same delicious pink as the donuts in the picture (or dry at all, for that matter).
They were ugly, and they were delicious.
Balance has been restored.

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Greedy Nan said...

I Dont Mind they dont look like traditional dohnuts. I still like to try one [or two].