09 January, 2014

Fits and Starts

Alright, alright.
Last year wasn't a total suckfest.
I did get a new niece. And she's pretty fantastic.
And there were some other not so terrible spots, spots that I filled by starting things.
I'm very good at starting things.
But not so very good at finishing them.
Like "Infinite Jest".
I started reading it on vacation. In October.
 It was one of those perfect beach weeks: warm-bordering-on-hot, sunny, and off season, so there was no one, no one, around.
A seemingly perfect time to dive into this giant tome of a book.
I got through 171 pages. Of a 981 page book.
Instead, I spent my time napping and working on a wicked sunburn.
And haven't touched it since I took it out of my suitcase.
I enjoyed those 171 pages. And I fully intend to enjoy the remaining 810 before the end of 2014.
I also started knitting a blanket,
A blanket that I thought about knitting for, like, 2 years beforehand.
So maybe I'm not so good at starting things, after all.
But anyway.
This blanket is a patchwork extravaganza.
A million little squares.
Each knit in a different pattern
(I have this old Reader's Digest book of stitch patterns. I think it belonged to one of my grandmothers.)
The going is slow.
It may wind up on my bed by the time fall winter 2014 rolls around.
Or maybe 2015.
I also finally started watching the first season of "Girls".
Wait- I might have actually started that this year.
Either way. I plan on finishing it sometime in the next 12 months.
Under my new blanket, with my feet propped up on my giant ottoman of a book.
Cheers to that.

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