06 January, 2014

Auld Lang Syne

And so here we are.
Here, in a bright and shiny new year.
And here, in this place, my own personal, but decidedly not private, corner of cyber space.
And it feels good to be here.
It feels good to be anywhere that isn't the year that just passed.
For that year was a dark and terrible place. Right from the get-go, and through to the very end.
A dark and terrible year that taught us invaluable life lessons; like don't ever, ever, ask how it could be worse.
And to never take a moment for granted.
A year that none in my family wanted to see, actually see, the end of; opting instead to hide under the duvets, desperately willing ourselves to sleep through the chime of midnight, emerging on the other side in a clean, fresh year.
And so we did. And here we are.
And maybe this year isn't as bright and shiny as years past, but it is new.
Wrought with opportunity and unchartered territories.
For us, anyway.
And we will navigate these new and choppy seas.
And we will seize opportunities- another lesson learned.
We will carry on.
Why shouldn't we?
There's too much in this great big world to not stop and appreciate just a little bit of it.
So here's to new beginnings.
New adventures.
And to feeling alive again.

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