30 July, 2013

Go Go Go! On An Adventure

I've been pretty quiet around here lately.
Ok, fine. Downright silent.
But not without good reason.
I've been busy...cultivating...other aspects of this handmade lifestyle.
I've added a slew of new shows to an already busy repertoire.
I've gotten the pretties into a few shops (VIX Emporium in Philadelphia, PA and Modern Charm in Terre Haute, IN...and maybe more to come ;)).
And with all of this cultivating and growing of opportunities to sell comes the need to develop and make more, and most notably, new, product.
So I've been busy doing just that.
Some of it has yet to catch on.
But some of it...well, phrases like "gangbusters" and "like wildfire" come to mind.
And all it took was a simple change to something I was already doing (always room for improvement; for change).
I've been making my pretty hooks since the beginning, but they've only really taken off in the last year.
But when I changed it up with the addition of a map?
It seems people have a fondness for a sense of place.
It seemed a pretty good recipe.
So I applied it to tote bags, too.

They pretty much sold out at the first show I had them available at.
So now, while I keep myself busy enjoying this virtual road trip traveled through accessories,
I am plotting my next big move.
Keeping busy.
On all fronts.


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AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

There is something very appealing about a map on things.....LOVE your totes! Visiting from the blog thread on Etsy Pickers and Sellers team and following you!