19 November, 2012

You Are What You Eat

Thanksgiving happens this week.
At least, here in The States it happens.
This is a big one for us.
America, in general, is not really a big food culture.
You would be hard pressed to believe that this week, though.
Battles are being staged in supermarkets across the country for the last few picked-over brussel sprouts and dented cans of Redi-Whip.
Highly orchestrated schedules have been mapped out to fit everything into the oven at just the right time.
Tables are being extended, and chairs being pulled from every dusty corner of the house.
The fine china has been washed; the good wine glasses are drying in the drainboard.
The same meal, in some form or another, is being served in every single household across the country, for family and friends gathered from near and far.
It is the one day out of the year that we Americans really identify ourselves with the foods of our land.
For on Thanksgiving, we become like the rest of the world, and celebrate our heritage through food.

{Flags made from the food of the countries they represent.
(USA, United Kingdom, France, Italy)
Created by the WHYBIN/TBWA advertising agency for the 2011 Sydney International Food Festival}

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Zuzanna Fyall said...

Love your blog and your food flags.
Greetings from Magicpots and the etsy blog team :)