15 November, 2012

Like a Record, Baby

A few weeks ago, on a particularly wet and ugly day, I pulled out my dusty old lo-fi turntable and a stack of B-52's records.
It was a desperate attempt to amuse two house-bound nephews.
It worked.
Nephew 1 seemed to have some idea what I was talking about when I suggested listening to records.
When he saw them, he stated that they were "just like really big cds!"
And as soon as he heard the first notes of Rock Lobster, Nephew 2 was on board, doing his funny little baby dance.
Big. Hit.
Nephew 1 kept dragging out more and more records, spending the entire afternoon sitting on the floor staring at the spinning discs, wondering how, exactly, all of his favorite songs were coming out of the black vinyl.
Nephew 2 was content to break into sporadic dancing whenever he saw fit.
Happiness all around.
It made me rediscover all of the albums I forgot I owned, enjoying the pop and hiss that can only be achieved through turntable magic.
It also got me to thinking about Sleeveface,
the genius project in which people submit photos of themselves "recreating" album covers,
often with absolute brilliance.

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