07 May, 2012

Private Moon

In 1979, astronomer Richard Nolle coined the term Super Moon, defining it as "a new or full moon wich occurs with the moon at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit."
The two lunar phenomenons coincided this past Saturday night.
If you were lucky enough to see it, it was almost as if you could reach right out and touch the moon.

In 2002, Russian artists Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov created their Private Moon, a beautiful series of photographs depicting the story of "a man who met the Moon and stayed with her for the rest of his life."

Tishkov describes each of the images as a visual poem, and accompanies the photographs with his own writings on his blog.
In the years since its inception, the Private Moon has travelled from Russia to France, from New Zealand to Asia.
It's a beautiful journey.

{all images Leonid Tishkov}


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