04 May, 2012


Hey there, friends. It's been a looong, looong time. I've missed you (really, I have!).
But the radio silence is not for naught, for I've been a very busy Bee of late.
The end of winter saw me throwing caution and a whole bunch of craft fair applications to the wind.
And the chorus of yeses that came back have kept me happily locked away, creating, making, branding, and dreaming up some clever new displays.
(I even made my own business cards. Which I may never, ever, do again.)
Days have been spent on a wooden stool, hunched over an ancient work table with pliers and vintage pins, removing, rearranging, and rebuilding them into the perfect collection of flowery statements.

Hours spent digging through an ever-diminishing pile of supplies, fearing one moment that there was nothing left to work with, and brainstorming and a-ha-ing over a dozen new combinations the next.

There have been late nights spent in front of bad tv, printing, cutting, and adding the tags to about a zillion new lovelies. There have been hours of hand-writing prices and inventory lists to the point of cramping. 
This little juggernaut has been criss-crossing its way across Philadelphia; neighborhoods to the west and to the south, to the north and back again.
And while I've been so busy with the hands-on part, I've been terribly neglectful to the technical part.
Which has given my brain a nice rest. And that's a good thing.

{all images heather breyer/bee vintage redux}

So with the lovelies restocked and packed and waiting for the next big show, and a game plan that has been finely tuned over the last few weeks ready to carry me on through a few more, I'm relaxed and ready to ease myself ever so gently back into cyberspace.
I have so much that I can't wait to share with you.
It's good to be back.
Have yourselves a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday.

(If you're in the Philadelphia area, or up for a road trip, check out my Facebook page for an up-to-date show schedule. I'd love to meet you!)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds so lovely! Good luck and enjoy it!