05 January, 2012

Sail On, Sailors

The week before Christmas was secretly spent toiling away with newspapers, paintbrushes, a needle and a thread, until the wee hours. Inspired by Ann Wood's beautiful paper mache and vintage textile boats (and following her detailed tutorial), I set about creating little ships for my nephews.
Two layers of high school and college sports scores from a shore-area newspaper (so as not to cover the boats with any bad news) were glued and smoothed down, and covered with paint. Green for Nephew One, blue for Nephew Two. It was, unbelievably, a first go at paper mache.
Masts and yards were fashioned out of bamboo skewers, soon to be joined by sails made from sewing basket scraps. My vintage button collection was pillaged for the rigging.
Through some great miracle, the S.S. Boys were ready to sail by Christmas morning.

Sail on, Sweet Boys.


Nancy said...

Wow...those are gorgeous! I decided to make gifts for my nieces/ nephews/ friend's kids this holiday season too (7 kids total) and it was a grand feat!! I hope they enjoy!!

sara said...

I cannot wait to hang them and let my sweet boys sail of to wherever their imaginations may take them.

Kelley said...

Those are so, so cute. You did a great job!

Paola said...

really great!!!