09 November, 2011

Sweet Notions

Cooler weather. A return to the kitchen, a return to working with yarn. Picking up projects dropped when the heat came, and hoping to remember where I left off. Mixing flour and butter and eggs, putting batters and doughs into the oven that is warming the kitchen. Beloved pastimes that have no place in the heat are warmly welcomed when cooler airs prevail.
Sugar and Meringue has managed to combine these two delights in the sweetest way (Ha! A pun.). Yarn cupcakes and granny square cookies, button cookies affixed to little cards. They look almost too perfect to eat.

{Sugar and Meringue's Yarn Ball Cupcakes}

{Sugar and Meringues's Granny Square Cookies}

{Sugar and Meringue's Button Cookies}

Wishing you a day that is sweet and filled with warmth, Dear Readers.


Vivian said...

I want to, at the same time, eat and never touch those cookies. Way too pretty to eat!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Oh my, these are way too pretty to eat!


Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

rebecca said...

so cute. I spend cold days cooking. in the summer, I rarely cook a thing!

Miss Bibliophile said...

Oh my, these are so cute! I have to pick up my knitting needles again for the season, too, but this just makes me feel like baking cupcakes instead.

Kristin H said...

wishing I could knit... have a lovely day!

Monica said...

i'm embracing all those cooler weather activities as well.... although haven't picked up the yarn yet.

those yarn cupcakes are stunning. i'd feel guilty biting into them.