11 November, 2011

Happy Weekend

A very Happy Weekend to you, Dear Readers.
In the words of Nephew 1, this is the weekend we go "pour water on Nephew 2's head."
It's a weekend in which my non-church going family gets all gussied up, goes to church, and tries to behave like the, um, mature adults we all are.
It's a weekend that I become, once again, a godmother (kiss the ring.).
From what I understand, as their godmother, my job is to guide my sweet nephews along a spiritual path. Seeing as how I'm not a particularly spiritual person, I originally scoffed at this idea. But then I thought about all of the really cool beliefs and traditions in all of the world's many, many religions, and thought, I've got this.
I also thought about what it means to me, being their godmother. I wrote notes to the boys, telling them how I saw myself in this role to them, and how much it means to me. I told them about all of the things I will teach them, like how to curse in French and where to spot Alfred Hitchcock's cameos in each of his movies. I gifted them with savings bonds, and told them to use the money to see the world. I gave them books, and I gave them the world. Quite literally: a big blow up globe to roll and bounce.
In return, every day, they give me the world right back.


Anonymous said...

great post. and you sound like the perfect godmother!!

misslikey said...

can you be my godmother? my is so boring and didn't teach me to curse in French:(

Sarah Rooftops said...

What a lovely post! Sounds like they're lucky to have you in their life.

sara said...

They are very lucky little boys indeeed.