16 December, 2010

C Is For Cookie (Or Maybe It's For Crazy)

Last year, I spent the entire month leading up to Christmas dealing with a no good situation by doing a bit of stress baking. And by a bit, I mean that I filled two 20 gallon plastic tubs with various and assorted cookies, cakes, candies, and other tasty treats. At first, friends and loved ones were thrilled to be receiving yummy little home made treats. But by the third week or so, the daily gift of baked goods began wearing a bit thin.

The funny thing about the baking thing is that it is really only a recently discovered talent. I don't cook. At all. But one day, something possessed me to bake an orange cake. And it was Uh. Mazing. So, I made some cookies. Equally amazing. And so it went. And I discovered that the only time I can really shut off my brain is while baking. I can get it pretty close to shut off in yoga class, but baking provides the complete and total absence of any thought not pertaining to what I am doing. And I've discovered other joys along the way, such as what the 10,000 or so songs in my ipod sound like all shuffled together, and how many fabulously fast-talking old black and white movies Netflix has available for instant watching. I've also discovered that I have quite the inquisitive palate when it comes to tasty baked treats.

So, armed with my music, a stack of interesting recipes (ginger chips, anyone?) a pretty apron, and the ability to watch Auntie Mame on my laptop! In my kitchen! I am setting off, deliberately later this year, to fill the bellies of those I love with some fresh baked Christmas cheer. Now, if I could only convince someone to come and wash all of these dishes...

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